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Sodium channel Nav1.8 immunoreactivity in painful human dental pulp

Author(s): Renton T | Yiangou Y | Plumpton C | Tate S | Bountra C | Anand P

Journal: BMC Oral Health
ISSN 1472-6831

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 5;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Abstract Background The tetrodotoxin-resistant voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.8 (SNS1/PN3) is expressed by nociceptors and may play a role in pain states. Methods Using specific antibodies for immunohistochemistry, we studied Nav1.8 – immunoreactivity in human dental pulp in relation to the neuronal marker neurofilament. Human tooth pulp was extracted from teeth harvested from a total of twenty-two patients (fourteen without dental pain, eight patients with dental pain). Results Fibres immunoreactive for Nav1.8, were significantly increased on image analysis in the painful group: median (range) Nav1.8 to Neurofilament % area ratio, non-painful 0.059 (0.006–0.24), painful 0.265 (0.13–0.5), P = 0.0019. Conclusion Nav1.8 sodium channels may thus represent a therapeutic target in trigeminal nerve pain states.
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