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Ryms erfarenhetens och handlingens kontinuitet i skolan? Om Deweys kontinuitetsprincip i relation till likvärdighet och kunskap

Author(s): Ninni Wahlström

Journal: Utbildning & Demokrati : Tidsskrift för Didaktik och Utbildningspolitik
ISSN 1102-6472

Volume: 13;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 87;
Date: 2004;
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This article sets out to discuss John Dewey’s notion of the principle of continu-ity and what this principle means in relation to experience, action and growth.My aim is to examine if this principle can be a fruitful contribution to adiscussion about how activities in school can be understood. With the help ofthe principle of continuity I want to open up for a wider interpretation of theconcept of knowledge as an alternative to the more technical approach toknowledge that is often discussed in connection with governance by goals andresults. The emphasis on openness in the principle of continuity highlights thedimensions of possibilities within the concept of knowledge. The significanceof the continuity of action and experience might provide a means of regardingequivalence as a potentiality, as a willingness to continuously move on to morequalitative experiences which at the same time will lead to the unknown, to theexperience beyond habit.