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The relationship of the lymph node positivity to the durations between the initial and last TUR-T and radical cystectomy, and the number of TUR-T in invasive bladder tumors

Author(s): Özgür Uğurlu | Öztuğ Adsan | Ömer Gökhan Doluoğlu | Tevfik Murat Koşan | Alp Özgür Akdemir | Mesut Çetinkaya

Journal: Turkish Journal of Urology
ISSN 1300-5804

Volume: 36;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Bladder cancer | lymph node | time factor.

Objective: The aim of our study was to investigate the relation of lymph node positivity to the durations elapsed between the initial and last transurethral resection bladder tumor (TUR-T) and radical cystectomy and the number of TUR-T in invasive bladder tumors.Materials and methods: Data of 126 patients who had radical cystectomy for invasive bladder tumors (Stage ≥pT2) in our clinic between 1994 and 2005 were evaluated retrospectively. One hundred patients with negative lymph nodes (Group 1) and 26 patients with positive lymph nodes (Group 2) were compared with each other according to stages in terms of the duration between inital TUR-T and radical cystectomy, the total number of TUR-T, and the duration between last TUR-T and radical cystectomy. Results: The mean duration between the initial TUR-T and radical cyctectomy was 5.3 month for Group 1, and 8.0 month for Group 2 (p= 0.103), mean number of TUR-T was 1.5 for Group 1 and 1.72 for Group 2 (p=0.440), and mean duration between the last TUR-T and radical cystectomy was 1.67 month for Group 1 and 2.08 month for Group 2 (p=0.129). When the patients within the groups with the same stages were compared with each other, no statistically significant differences were found. Lymph nodes were positive in 13.3% of the patients in T2 stage, in 18% in T3 stage, and 45% in T4 stage. Lymph node positivity significantly increased with the increasing stage (p=0.012). Conclusion: As a conclusion, the duration between TUR-T that bladder tumor has been diagnosed with and radical cystectomy, and total number of TUR-T do not affect lymph node positivity. Recurrences can be treated with TUR-T till progression to invasive disease in those with superficial bladder tumors.