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The rates of external genital organ diseases in adolescent boys aged 13-15 years in Turkey

Author(s): Cüneyt Adayener | Ferhat Ateş | Hasan Soydan | Levent Türk | Temuçin Şenkul | Kadir Baykal

Journal: Turkish Journal of Urology
ISSN 1300-5804

Volume: 36;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 155;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Adolescent boys | external genital organ anomalies | Turkey.

Objective: This study aimed to determine the frequency of external genital organ diseases and the congenital abnormalities in healthy adolescent boys living in Turkey.Materials and methods: Overall 6,400 male students aged 13-15 years from 7 different geographic regions of Turkey who were applied to military high school were examined for possible external genital organ diseases and congenital anomalies. Physical examination was performed by two urologists at room temperature and standing position.Results: Mean age was 14.1 years. Distribution of students to different geographic regions was as follows; Marmara 13.4%, Aegean 13.9%, Mediterranean 11.7%, Middle Anatolian 28%, Black Sea 14.7%, East Anatolian 6.9%, and Southeast Anatolian 2.7%. The number of children with external genital organ diseases were as follows: 23 hypospadias (0.36%), 207 varicoceles (3.2%), 53 undescended testes (0.83%), 11 hydroceles (0.17%), and 16 buried penises (0.25%).Conclusion: This is the first study performed in an adolescent population representing our country which determined the frequency of external genital organ anomalies in healthy adolescent boys living in 7 different geographic regions in Turkey.
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