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Pack Carburization of Mild Steel, using Pulverized Bone as Carburizer: Optimizing Process Parameters

Author(s): Fatai Olufemi ARAMIDE | Simeon Ademola IBITOYE | Isiaka Oluwole OLADELE | Joseph Olatunde BORODE

Journal: Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies
ISSN 1583-1078

Volume: 9;
Issue: 16;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Packed carburization | Carburizing temperature | Activated carbon | Hardness

Investigation was conducted into the mechanical properties of mild steel subjected to packed carburization treatment using pulverized bone as the carburizer, carburized at 850C, 900C and 950C, soaked at the carburizing temperature for 15 minutes and 30 minutes, quenched in oil and tempered at 550C. Prior carburization process, standard test samples were prepared from the as received specimen for tensile and impact tests. After carburization process, the test samples were subjected to the standard test and from the data obtained, ultimate tensile strength, engineering strain, impact strength, Youngs moduli were calculated. The case and core hardness of the carburized tempered samples were measured. It was observed that the mechanical properties of mild steels were found to be strongly influenced by the process of carburization, carburizing temperature and soaking time at carburizing temperature. It was concluded that the sample carburized at 900C soaked for 15 minutes and the one carburized at 850C soaked for 30 minutes followed by oil quenching and tempering at 550C were better because they showed a trend of hard case with softer core.
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