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Kulturstudier av vetenskap

Author(s): Catharina Landström

Journal: Utbildning & Demokrati : Tidsskrift för Didaktik och Utbildningspolitik
ISSN 1102-6472

Volume: 15;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 25;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: science studies | social constructivism | culture | biological control | gender

CULTURAL STUDIES OF SCIENCE. This article discusses the development of acultural studies approach in the field of science studies. It argues that theemergence of this perspective throws into relief some of the limitations ofsocial constructivist approaches and shifts the empirical focus, from thepractical activities of scientists towards the traffic in meanings in widerprocesses of cultural representation. The author also seizes the opportu-nity to reflect on the possibility of addressing the human and social scienceswith a critical cultural studies of science perspective. This possibility comesto the fore when the discussion is transposed to a Swedish-language con-text with a more intuitively inclusive notion of ”science”. The article firstpresents science studies, more specifically the social constructivist strain.Secondly, cultural studies of science is introduced and exemplified. Finally,attention turns to a tentative application of a cultural approach to re-search in the humanities/social sciences.
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