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Formative characteristics of moderne style in Niš

Author(s): Keković Aleksandar | Petrović Marjan

Journal: Facta Universitatis - series : Architecture and Civil Engineering
ISSN 0354-4605

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: moderne | Niš Moderne | forming

Architectural forming in the Moderne movement lies, or rather stems from the function, that is, from the structure bulk, whose composition dictates volumetry which is the principal characteristics of a structure. It can be stated that this simplified definition of architectural forming in the Niš Moderne is only partially true, because many other factors influenced forming and creation of the Niš Moderne. The very introduction states that until 30's of the last century, the prevailing styles and directions in Serbian Moderne, and by virtue of this, in Niš, were classicistic pseudo styles, national romantic architecture based on Serbian-Byzantine style, as well as folk architecture. Many authors leading the Moderne in Serbia and Niš, often designed at the beginning of their careers in some of the mentioned styles or combined them, so that the influence of these styles and directions was felt for a very long time in their designing opus. Often, the investors' wishes to add an element or two on the façade in order to make it 'more beautiful and richer' left its mark - the majority of Moderne buildings in Serbia and Niš are a sort of compromise resulting from this struggle between old styles, investors' preferences and architects' aspirations to something new.
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