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Effect of maternal vitamin and mineral restrictions on the body fat content and adipocytokine levels of WNIN rat offspring

Author(s): Lagishetty Venu | Nandiwada Vijaya | Kalashikam Rajender | Manchala Raghunath

Journal: Nutrition & Metabolism
ISSN 1743-7075

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 21;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Abstract Background Intrauterine growth retardation due to maternal under-nutrition increases susceptibility to obesity and insulin resistance. We reported earlier in the offspring of mineral or vitamin restricted rat dams, a high body fat percentage and decreased insulin secretion to glucose challenge. This study determined whether or not central adiposity and altered adipocytokine profile were associated with high body fat content. Methods Body fat percentage; glucose, insulin and adipocytokine levels in fasting plasma and fresh weights of epididymal fat pads were determined in the six months old male offspring of Wistar NIN rat dams on chronic 50 percent restriction of vitamins or minerals throughout their growth, gestation, lactation and weaned on to restricted diets or restricted mothers/offspring rehabilitated from different time points. Results In line with high body fat percent, chronic restriction of vitamins and minerals increased the epididymal fat pad weight. Maternal vitamin restriction decreased plasma adiponectin and increased leptin levels whereas mineral restriction decreased both. Both the treatments did not affect plasma TNF-α levels or insulin resistance status (HOMA-IR). Rehabilitation from parturition but not weaning, rescued the changes in the offspring. Conclusion High body fat percentage in the offspring of vitamin restricted or mineral restricted rat dams was associated with increased abdominal adiposity (epididymal fat pad weight) and differential expression of adipocytokines but not insulin resistance. The changes could be mitigated by rehabilitation from birth but not weaning.
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