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Effect of beverage glucose and sodium content on fluid delivery

Author(s): Jeukendrup Asker | Currell Kevin | Clarke Juliette | Cole Johnny | Blannin Andrew

Journal: Nutrition & Metabolism
ISSN 1743-7075

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Abstract Background Rapid fluid delivery from ingested beverages is the goal of oral rehydration solutions (ORS) and sports drinks. Objective The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of increasing carbohydrate and sodium content upon fluid delivery using a deuterium oxide (D2O) tracer. Design Twenty healthy male subjects were divided into two groups of 10, the first group was a carbohydrate group (CHO) and the second a sodium group (Na). The CHO group ingested four different drinks with a stepped increase of 3% glucose from 0% to 9% while sodium concentration was 20 mmol/L. The Na group ingested four drinks with a stepped increase of 20 mmol/L from 0 mmol/L to 60 mmol/l while glucose concentration was 6%. All beverages contained 3 g of D2O. Subjects remained seated for two hours after ingestion of the experimental beverage, with blood taken every 5 min in the first hour and every 10 min in the second hour. Results Including 3% glucose in the beverage led to a significantly greater AUC 60 min (19640 ± 1252 δ‰ vs. VSMOW.60 min) than all trials. No carbohydrate (18381 ± 1198 δ‰ vs. VSMOW.60 min) had a greater AUC 60 min than a 6% (16088 ± 1359 δ‰ vs. VSMOW.60 min) and 9% beverage (13134 ± 1115 δ‰ vs. VSMOW.60 min); the 6% beverage had a significantly greater AUC 60 min than the 9% beverage. There was no difference in fluid delivery between the different sodium beverages. Conclusion In conclusion the present study showed that when carbohydrate concentration in an ingested beverage was increased above 6% fluid delivery was compromised. However, increasing the amount of sodium (0–60 mmol/L) in a 6% glucose beverage did not lead to increases in fluid delivery.
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