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Die <i>Irrglaube</i> in Kolosse: Aanbidding van of met engele in Kolossense 2:18?

Author(s): Jacobus (Kobus) Kok

Journal: Hervormde Teologiese Studies
ISSN 0259-9422

Volume: 66;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Colossians | angels | worship | Christology | false teachings

The Irrglaube in Colossae: Worshipping of or with angels in Colossians 2:18?In this article, the Colossian heresy will be discussed. This is, however, a very troublesome epistle to use in any assessment of a Pauline theme, due to the uncertainty of who the author of Colossians could have been, as well as the unclear nature of the heresy in question. The majority of scholars are of the opinion that the false teachers in the congregation encouraged the worshipping of angels (cf. Col 2:18). As it will transpire from the discussion, this is indeed the case when this verse is read in an objective genitive sense. This investigative discussion will help us to discern what part angels played in certain religious circles in the early church (for example as mediators of revelation). The link between the ἀγγέλων in Colossians 2:18, and the στοιχείων τοῦ κόσμου in Colossians 2:20, will also be investigated. In Colossians, the author presents Jesus as the crucified, cosmic Christ (see Col 1:15–20), which will help us to understand the early Christian reaction to heresies such as this one in Colossae, and investigate the relationship between angelology and Christology.How to cite this article: Kok, J., 2010, ‘Die Irrglaube in Kolosse: Aanbidding van of met engele in Kolossense 2:18?’, HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 66(1), Art. #765, 7 pages. DOI: 10.4102/hts.v66i1.765
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