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A comparative analysis of two allochthonous populations of the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne-Edwards, 1853) from the Szczecin Lagoon (NW Poland) and San Francisco Bay (US west coast)

Author(s): Przemysław Czerniejewski | Wawrzyniec Wawrzyniak | Wiesław Pasewic | Anna Bełdowska

Journal: Oceanologia
ISSN 0078-3234

Volume: 49;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 353;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) | Body weight | Morphometry | Sexual dimorphism

Selected biological and morphometric characters of two populations of the non-indigenous Chinese mitten crab, one from the Szczecin Lagoon (SL) and the other from San Francisco Bay (SFB), both sampled in autumn, were analysed. The SL crabs showed a significantly higher individual weight,length and carapace width. Males accounted for 55% (87 individuals) of the 179 SL crabs, and 62.9% (90 individuals) of the SFB crabs. Statistical analysis of metric characters, expressed as a percentage of carapace width (X2), enabled four diagnostic charactersto be identified: abdomen width (X11), carapace height (X3), left claw length (X7) and carapace length (X1). These jointly explain 71.75% of the differences between the SL and SFB crabs and are indicative of the distinctness of the populations.
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