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Automatic Method for Controlling the Iodine Adsorption Number in Carbon Black Oil Furnaces

Author(s): Zečević, N.

Journal: Kemija u Industriji
ISSN 0022-9830

Volume: 57;
Issue: 12;
Start page: 541;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Carbon Black Oil Furnaces | Automatic Controlling Method | Iodine Adsorption Number

There are numerous of different inlet process factors in carbon black oil furnaces which must be continuously and automatically adjusted, due to stable quality of final product. The most important six inlet process factors in carbon black oil-furnaces are:1. volume flow of process air for combustion2. temperature of process air for combustion3. volume flow of natural gas for insurance the necessary heat for thermal reaction of conversionthe hydrocarbon oil feedstock in oil-furnace carbon black4. mass flow rate of hydrocarbon oil feedstock5. type and quantity of additive for adjustment the structure of oil-furnace carbon black6. quantity and position of the quench water for cooling the reaction of oil-furnace carbon black.The control of oil-furnace carbon black adsorption capacity is made with mass flow rate of hydrocarbon feedstock, which is the most important inlet process factor. Oil-furnace carbon black adsorption capacity in industrial process is determined with laboratory analyze of iodine adsorption number. It is shown continuously and automatically method for controlling iodine adsorption number in carbon black oil-furnaces to get as much as possible efficient control of adsorption capacity. In the proposed method it can be seen the correlation between qualitatively-quantitatively composition of the process tail gasses in the production of oil-furnace carbon black and relationship between air for combustion and hydrocarbon feedstock. It is shown that the ratio between air for combustion and hydrocarbon oil feedstock is depended of adsorption capacity summarized by iodine adsorption number, regarding to BMCI index of hydrocarbon oil feedstock.The mentioned correlation can be seen through the figures from 1. to 4. From the whole composition of the process tail gasses the best correlation for continuously and automatically control of iodine adsorption number is show the volume fraction of methane. The volume fraction of methane in the process tail gasses is increased with the decreasing values of iodine adsorption number of the oil-furnace carbon black which can be seen through the Figs. 5. and 6. These linear correlation can be applied in continuously and automatically method of control during the production of carbon black oil-furnace process with the range of the iodine adsorption number between q = 30 and 140 mg kg-1. The volume fraction of methane in the process tail gasses are measuring continuously and automatically with adequate analyzer. The measured values of volume fractions of methane are connected through direct-reverse connection with regulation valve and mass micro motion of hydrocarbon feedstock thereby this conjunction is served for adjusting the set point of volume fraction of methane and iodine adsorption number. The proposed control loop is shown on the Fig. 7.
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