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Antibiotic Use and Its Cost in Surgical Clinics of a University Hospital: A One-Day Point Prevalence Survey

Author(s): M. Bülent Ertuğrul | Hedef Özgün | M. Özlem Saylak | Nazmi Sayım

Journal: Klimik Journal
ISSN 1301-143X

Volume: 22;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 44;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Antibiotic use | appropriate use

Objective: It has been shown in several studies that, 25-35% of hospitalized patients receive antibiotics, 40-50% of which are misused. Methods: This study investigates the trends in antibiotic use and the cost of inappropriate use by point prevalence method. The study was performed on a single day in surgical clinics of our tertiary care hospital . Results: On the day of the study, there were 70 inpatients in surgical clinics, 38 (54.3%) of which received antibiotics. At the end of the evaluation, only 12 (32%) of the antibiotic administered patients, received appropriate treatment. The most frequent cause of inappropriate use was related to prolonged use of prophylactic antibiotics (50%). Cefazolin sodium (n=23, 60%), and ampicillin/sulbactam (n=8, 21%) were the most frequently prescribed antibiotics respectively. The total cost of antibotics used on the study day was 955.46 TL (13.65 TL per patient) and 327.98 TL of this (4.68 TL per patient) was due to inappropriate use.Conclusions: The results of our study revealed that the rate of correct antibiotic use was rather low and dependent cost was considerably high. Since a notable part of the misuse was related to inappropriate use of prophylactic antibiotics, we decided to give an in-service training in our hospital.
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